Work from home jobs

How about working from home? Isn’t it sounds great?

Yes, you can actually start working from home for lots of companies present online and make pretty good money. The best thing about work from opportunities is that, you yourself can decide your own work schedule. It provides better flexibility to you and you can do these kind of jobs in your part time too.

So, what kind of jobs that you can do sitting at your home?

There are wide variety of tasks that you can do from home which includes writing and editing articles, reviewing and rating websites, proofreading, typing and many more.
Here I will be listing some of the sites that offer work from home type of jobs and whose pays are high and reliable.

1. SpeakWrite:
As the name suggests SpeakWrite specializes in transcription services i. e. documenting audio files in text format. They provide you with the greatest flexibility by providing you work 24/7. They have more than 60000 clients worldwide and that guarantees you that you will get work whenever you ask them for.
There payouts are also good and high as compared to the industry. Following are the pricings depending upon each category.
1. General Transcription/single audio: 1.25 cents/word
2. Legal Transcription/single audio: 1.5 cents/word
3. Multi-speaker Transcription : 2 cents/word
To become the part of the SpeakWrite, you have to take a sample test and qualify in it. After getting approval from them, you can start working on your own schedule and start making money.

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One of the best player in industry when it comes to offer you work from home opportunities in wide variety of categories. They offer 55 career categories to choose job from. They validate every posting of job before making it available for their members and thus no fraud listings are there.
They have clients like amazon, apple, ADP, UBER, DELL, American Express those are world leader in their business categories.
The one catch with FlexJobs is that you need to pay them $14.95 as the monthly subscription fees , but it is worth as they provide you with very high paying and quality jobs.

3. LiveOps:
The company that started 15 years ago has came a long way and is one of the best in its class. They generally offer call center type jobs that you can do from home.
You can register with them as a work from home agent and start taking calls after initial setup.
The pay is normally $10/hour, but you can make more too.
They have more than 400 clients worldwide and nearly 20,000 work from home agents and that tells the story how bigger and better they are.

4. RatRaceRebellion:
RatRaceRebellion is one of the oldest site that offers you work from home opportunities. The best thing about them is, they sort out all the listings available for the day and compose them in a daily news letter from which you can easily find out which job fits to your skills.
Job postings here have they payout range in between $15- $20 per hour.
So by working few hours a day, you can make some respectable amount.

5. DemandStudio:
If you have some special kind of talent and if you think you have that creativity, then you must join this site. They are always looking for talented people who can innovate new things.
DemandStudio generally hire people who are creative enough in their respective fields.
They also offer wide variety of jobs including writing, filmmaking and many more.

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Directselling is the USA based direct selling channel which is been used by many well known brands to market their products. Here you can register as a independent direct seller and set your own strategy, own working hours. On every sale made, independent direct seller will receive commission.
You can serve customers from worldwide through directselling and make very high commissions.

7. LeapForce:
At LeapForce you will be analyzing websites and ranking them. You will be working from home and you yourself will decide work schedule and amount of work to do. So it provides you the greater flexibility and higher pay too.
To become an agent at LeapForce you will need to have following things:
1. High speed internet connection
2. Personal computer with Google chrome browser
3. Antivirus and anti-spyware software
4. Web research and analytical skills
5. Excellent written communication skills
6. Knowledge of other foreign languages is a plus
At LeapForce you can make $10/hour on an average.
By signing up with above listed sites you can make your life hassle free and tension free. Manage your work on your own time and make money working from home.

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