Websites that pay you for testing the websites

What if you get paid for what you do regularly on internet? Sounds good? Yeah, that’s true. You can actually make money by surfing the internet to rate the websites, analyze them, give your opinion about their usability. There are many websites available those pay you for testing the websites. I will walk you through some of the best in industry websites that pay you for testing the websites and pay well and pay on time. So, here is the list:

1. User testing:
User testing is a website that pays you for testing real websites and apps. You need to visit a clients website or use the app and give your generous feedback on that. It is very simple and you can make as much as $10 for one test. Test approximately takes 15-20 minutes and you make $10 for that. You need to do predefined tasks to test the website and submit it to the user testing.
Payout method is Paypal and they pay after 7 days of test completion. User Testing accepts testers from almost every part of the world, so this is the golden chance for you to make your opinion count.

2. Analysia:
Again a best in industry site that pays for testing the websites. Here also you need to do predefined tasks on website to be tested and record your session and submit. Analysia also pays $10 for each test and test approximately takes 15-20 minutes. Payout method is Paypal for Analysia.

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3. WhatUsersDo:
Here also you will be testing the websites and making money from it. You need to sign up with WhatUsersDo and you will receive invitations to test the websites on your mail. Just complete the test which generally takes 20 minutes and earn as much as $12.50.
Payout method is Paypal and they pay on 25th of each month.

4. Validately:
This is again a website testing site that allows you to make money by testing the client websites. You can get paid $5 for taking 5 minute of test. There are also live tests available for which you get paid as much as $25 for your 25-30 minutes of work. Payments are made via Paypal after the 5 days of test completion.

5. Userfeel:
Register with userfeel and start earning money for testing the client websites. You need to take a sample test to qualify for receiving the test invitations via mail. Once you pass the test, you will receive the test invitations and can make upto $10 for each test. Payout method is Paypal and they pay at the end of each week.
So, this is the list of some really good sites that pay you for opinion, to test the websites and to do regular stuff online. To maximize your income you need to sign up with as many sites as you can and keep a track of the activities that you need to do online.

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I know you will not become rich suddenly, but I am sure that you will make some extra cash to manage your monthly expenses and that too by doing some simple tasks online.
One most important thing to remember is that, don’t compromise on the quality of your work in the verge of making more and more money, because most of the companies will look for you quality of work and decide whether to invite you for next surveys or not. So be honest with your work and keep earning.

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