Top 6 sites that pay you for surfing web

There are many sites that pay you for surfing web,watching videos,viewing ads and for doing some fun tasks.
Isn’t it sounds interesting that you will be paid for just surfing web,watching videos and doing what you do everyday online?
You can actually make your everyday’s online activities count by signing up with these top sites listed below.

1. Swagbucks:
Swagbucks generally pay you for watching videos online, searching web by using its search page instead of google, answering polls and many more. It is one of the high paying and most popular get paid to site.
You will earn swag points for doing above tasks that you can redeem into real cash, paypal credits and for Amazon gift vouchers.
Best part of the swagbucks is, you will receive bonus points for just signing up with them.
Becoming an active member of this site can earn you upto $30 a month.

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2. Qmee:
Qmee is kind of market research company that observes your surfing pattern when you browse using their add-on installed on your browser. You just need to install their add-on on your browser and surf the internet as you do everyday.
In between they may show you some extra advertisements and results that if clicked will earn you some cash.
Typical earnings through Qmee is $10-15 a month and you can get paid via paypal.
Qmee works with google, bing, yahoo, walmart, Amazon and ebay. This shows how much good they are in their work and also trustworthy.

3. Maximiles:
Another giant that offers cash rewards for answering surveys, watching videos, reading emails and even for shopping. You can also make money by referring your friends and doing fun tasks.
To make a nice respectable income, one must sign up with as many sites as he can, and this site is one of the best sites to go for.
Monthly earnings through Maximiles is upto $10 and that is not at all bad if you are getting it for doing simple tasks.

4. Qustodian:
If you own a smartphone, then you can use it to make money by just viewing advertisements on it. Just you need to download Qustodian app and install it in your phone. You will start receiving the ads that you need to view to make money.
Open your app everyday and view as many ads as possible to make more money with this option.

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5. Streetspotr:
Streetspotr is involved in market research and they pay you for doing some tasks in real world.
Tasks may include taking photos of products in supermarkets, buying some products from stores, checking restaurant menus and more.
Some tasks may pay you upto $10, but others generally pay $5 on an average.
You can earn upto $20 a month. Minimum payout is $10 and you will be get paid via paypal.

6. Lionbridge:
Those professionals who have specialized skills and want to make better income sitting home and working on their own schedule must join Lionbridge.
You can earn upto $300 a month if you seriously put efforts into your work. You need to work minimum 10 hours a week to qualify for earnings.
Jobs you will find on Lionbridge include mobile app testing, translation services, Website translation etc. You will find more than 100 job listings at any point of time on Lionbridge and can choose ones those fit your skills.

So this is the list of some top paying, reliable, trustworthy sites that pay you for doing your regular tasks. Try to sign up with as many sites as possible to make $100-$150 per month.
All the best and keep visiting our site to learn about newest and best online jobs available.

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