SEO Techniques for your site

You want your site to be listed at the top of the search results in popular search engines? Then you must concentrate on your sites SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO techniques are the one that help your site to appear at the top in search results.
If you are looking for a site that attracts more people or gets loads of organic traffic in order to increase your revenue from advertising or other mediums, then you must put your effort in your sites SEO.
So, today I am going to help you with some of the realistic and very useful SEO techniques for your site that can help you boost your sites traffic.
1. Relevant file names:
Your file name must be short and simple and one that contains keywords, but make sure you didn’t make it too long. Search engines will give some importance to your file names too, so the better files names result in better ranking.
Also make sure you use hyphen(-) to separate the words in your file name. File extensions doesn’t play any major role from the search engines perspective, so you can have any extension.

2. Quality backlinks:
Now you must be wondering what are the backlinks and how to get them?
The backlinks are the links to your site from other quality sites. To get the quality backlinks you must search for best blogs, sites in your niche and build relationship with the authors of these sites to get good quality backlinks.
Also you can offer them backlinks for their sites too and in return ask them for you site.
Make sure you didn’t spam anyone for backlinks, if search engines found this, they may penalize you very badly for this.

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3. Keywords in Title and Description tags:
Title and description tags are the most important factor when optimizing your site for search engines, because what search engines look when displaying the search results is a title tag. If you have a good title with keywords in it, then your site will do well search results.
Description tag will be an extra advantage, because search engines also look for the description of page as well.

4. Outbound links:
Yes, the outbound links also help you boos your search engine ranking and traffic. Google will see how much information you have on this topic and whether you satisfy your visitors with that or not. Hilltop algorithm specifically works on this criterion. They will look for how many outbound links you have to other authorized sites that are not affiliate marketing sites. User has to get some useful information from your site, if it is not found on your page, you must have some outbound links that will help them get what they want.

5. Meta tags:
As like title and description they (search engines) also pay attention to meta tag as well. Here in this tag you have to specify keywords for which you want your page to be displayed.
Here’s an example:
You can add meta tag having attribute name as keywords and content as comma seperated list of keywords.

Adding the meta tag for all your pages will surely help improve your page rank.

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6. Keyword rich content:
Content is the most important factor that decides your page rank. The bigger and richer the content, the better the page rank and traffic.
You must concentrate on your page content and make it very informative on the given topic. Also make sure you use exact keywords and phrases in your content too, so that it will rank well.
Length of the content also matters here, because google will assume that bigger the content, more the information.
So try to write articles with more than 1500 words. Pages with smaller content usually less than 500 words will not be considered of high quality and hence will not rank well.

7. Broken links:
If you have broken links on your pages to your own site or others, you will be in trouble, because pages that contain broken links are considered as low quality.
So always check for them and remove them ASAP.

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