Make money from your android app

In today’s world almost 70%-80% people carry their own android device. Android has captured a very huge market in the very little time span. Most of the people like to go for android apps rather going to web interface these days, that’s why the major brands also started introducing app versions of their web interfaces. You might have seen some people spending hours and hours playing games in android devices and watching movies and videos online. But you might be thinking that what is the relevance of these things to money making, why am I telling you all this and how can you make money from your android app?

So answers to all your questions are:

As we said that people like to invest their time in android app rather than a web interface these days and they spend hours on these apps. Thus this gives rise to the concept of advertising in android devices. So most of the online retailers started advertising themselves on android devices through various kind of apps.
So if you have an android app that has a good audience and which has the power to keep them engaged for quite a good amount of time, then you can surely make money from your android app.

Now I will come to the main point. What all are the things that are required to build a successful android app?
1. Shier passion for coding and good knowledge of android language, framework.
2. Immensely creative mind that will generate new and unique ideas.
3. Strong analytical skills to know interests of your audience.
4. Good promotion and advertising skills to promote your app.
These are the few basic things that one must have to make his app popular and successful. Now we will see what are the possible ways to monetise your android app.

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1. Advertising through your app:
When playing a game or using a messenger app for chatting have you ever encountered with ads that show up in between or sliding in your apps header or footer? The answer should be yes. Most of the app builders offer their app for free, but they sell this advertising space to online retailers who want to promote their company or brand.
If your app is that much popular and have a huge audience base that is spending a respectable amount of time in your app, then you can approach any ad network that supports mobile advertising and get a good deal to make some money from your android app.

2. Paid apps:
Yes make it chargeable. Though there are many developers who are offering their apps for free, there are also some who charge money for their apps. This is the best way to monetize your app I say, because you will be getting money directly from your users at the time of download itself. But for this to happen, your app must be of that much good quality to make people pay for it, because there are thousands of free apps available in the market, thus people will definitely think before paying for your app.
You yourself can decide what will be the cost of your app and specify it at the time of app submission in app store. If you submit It to google play which is the most favorite among android developers, google will take care of all your payment processing, but you need to pay 30% amount of your sells to the google.

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3. Free apps with paid upgrades:
As we seen that there are many free apps available in the market, so most of the people will prefer to go with them. Thus if you make your app paid, sometimes you may not get good count of downloads. In order to tackle with this situation you can make your apps basic version free and ask people to pay for the upgrades.
This will surely increase your number of downloads and hence the chances of making more money with your app. People will download your app as it is free, use it and if your app is that good they will surely want to retain this app(this always happens with games). Now you can make your apps paid upgrades available. As people already got addicted to your app, they will surely buy the upgraded version.
Not only for upgraded versions, you can charge them for unlocking higher levels in your app or buying some virtual currencies to be used in your app or for making some advanced services available to them. This is by far the best idea for you to monetise your app.

In the whole article we talked only about android apps, but these all techniques also apply to windows and iOS apps too. So whether you are an android developer, windows developer or an iOS developer as long as you have coding brain and creative mind you can always build apps that grab attention and makes money for you.

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