Make money by reading your emails

Did you check your mails daily? If the answer to this question is yes, then you qualify for making some money online. Yes, you can make money by reading your mails on daily basis. Spending just 10-15 minutes daily can make you some nice money for a month. You can earn $0.02 to upto $0.2 for reading each single email you read. Now you might be thinking that I am making fool of you, right? But I am not, Its 100% true that you can make money by just reading emails.

So why they pay you for reading emails and how it works?

We all know that Internet and computer have become an indivisible part of our life today. Everything is going digital, so as marketing, advertising, promotion. All of the major companies have started their online marketing campaigns to reach out to majority of audience. You might already have received promotional mails from many brands, this is called email marketing. These major companies are ready to pay the money to advertise themselves through mails. Thus, websites those who have contract with these brands will pay for reading their promotional mails.

Now what you need to do?

You didn’t need to do anything fancy or extraordinary here. Just log-in to your email account, read the mails carefully and get paid, as simple as that. You didn’t need any extra qualification or any resources to do this task. What you need is just an Internet connection and your personal e-mail account.
You can increase your income by referring your friends and others too. Many of the sites that offer email reading jobs also offer referral program too. So whenever your referred person joins the network you get paid, it may be either fixed compensation or the percentage of what they earn. This way you have the chance to make unlimited income.

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We will see now the top 9 sites that pay well and are trustworthy.

Cash4offers is the one of the best paying site in this area. They provide you with a variety of options to make money such as taking surveys, playing online games, completing cash offers and by referring others so that you can maximize your income. They have the lowest minimum payout and very fast payment processing.

This is the most reputed and oldest site in this area. You can earn up to Rs.5 for each mail you read. You have to sign up with them and by logging in daily to your Paisalive mailbox you can read the emails. They also provide you with a Rs.99 as a joining bonus. You can refer others to increase your income. Payment method to get paid Is by check.

Here also you have to sign up with them to get you Moneymail mailbox where they will be sending all the mails. You have to just go to their site, log-in to your mailbox, read the emails and get paid.
You can earn upto Rs.1.00 to Rs.100 for each referral.

Here you can earn money by reading mails, playing online games, completing surveys and by referring friends. Minimum payout limit is $30 and they have really very good payment processing system that they never miss on a single payment.

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5. is again a very good site to make money from. You have the options like playing games online, completing surveys, reading emails. You can get $5.00 bonus for joining and upto $0.20 per email you read.

6. UniqPaid:
Most of the sites allow members only from specific parts of the world, but that is not true with UniqPaid. They allow a person from any part of the world to register with them and make money. Another very good thing about UniqPaid is that they didn’t have any minimum payout limit, so whenever you want you can request payout and they will send it to your paypal account.

7. CashCrate:
CashCrate is also a good site but allows only US residents. They will pay you monthly by check and the minimum payout limit is $10.

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