How to make money from paid survey panels

Paid survey panels:

So far you only came to know that you can make money from paid survey panels. But not sure how exactly it works and what you need to do. So here is the detailed guide on how to make money from paid survey panels.
You might be wondering that why companies will pay for your opinion?

So here is the answer to your question: Most of the brands are successful because they believe in their customer satisfaction and always work on it. They always look to improve their products quality to remain at the top in business. Thus they need some customer feedback on their products and services to improve the quality and gain more revenue. And you are one of the potential customers for them so your opinion matters a lot. Hence they are paying you money for sharing your opinion and helping them grow.
Before you start, make a note that no genuine survey panels ask you for any money to register with them or you didn’t need to pay any subscription charge. This is completely free service, so stay away from scams.
Following are the 3 easy steps to make some good money from paid survey panels:
1. Sign up with the below given survey sites.
2. Check your mail every day for survey invitations.
3. Complete the survey in given time window.
4. Get paid for your valuable opinion.

List of best paying survey panels:

1. Ipoll:
Ipoll is the finest survey panel you can join and start making money. Once you sign up you can start straight away with the available surveys if you fit for them. You will be invited for future surveys time to time via mail. For each completed study, you will be given cash rewards.
Joining bonus: $5
Minimum payout limit: $25
Payout Options: Various

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2. Global Test market:
They are known for the maximum number of surveys available for all. For each completed study you will be rewarded with market points that you can later convert to cash. The range of market points awarded for each study varies between 50-100.
Minimum payout limit: 1000 market points (equivalent to $50)
Payout Options: Various (Includes local currency too in some countries)

3. Survey Savvy:
Survey savvy is known for its highest payouts for each survey and their unique referral program. Survey savvy is the community with 3 million members. Usually they pay $20 or more for each completed survey. IT and computer professionals can get more benefit from this panel.
Their referral program lets you make $2 for each survey completed by your direct referral and $1 for indirect one.

4. My Survey:

My survey is the oldest and one of the best paying survey panel in the industry. Since they are quite old in this business they have many survey offerings for you.
Payout limit: $3
Payment method: Paypal
5. Toluna:
Toluna will award you with virtual toluna points when either you complete any survey, refer others or when you do some other tasks. These points can be converted to gift coupons, paypal transfer or money through check. Toluna will give you 500 points as the joining bonus and minimum limit for requesting redemption is 30,000 points.

6. Pinecone:
Pinecone pays you $3 per completed survey and hence a good option to go with.
But no one can register with them unless he/she has invitation to join pinecone. So you have to regularly check their site for new recruitment notice and only within that time period you have to sign up with them.

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7. Opinion outpost:
Opinion outpost can be a complementary addition to your list of paid survey panels. They offer plenty surveys to you and hence you can reach minimum payout limit very easily. Their payout limits are also different for different payout methods.
They pay through paypal, amazon gift card or Citibank virtual debit card

Before going to next set of paid survey panels I would like to tell you some tips that you must follow to get good income from all these sites.
• Do check your mails regularly, because survey invitations are for specific time period only. So in order to not to miss any survey invitation do check your mails daily.
• Don’t pay any money at all to anyone for joining their survey panel. All legitimate survey panels are free to join.
• Refer your friends. Referrals also can give you some good extra money.
• And one most important thing, Whenever joining any new survey panel do check their terms and conditions because some might sell your personal information to others.

8. E research global:
E-research global is a good paid survey panel that accepts members from any part of the world. For each completed survey you will get minimum of $1. Payment method is paypal and you will be paid within 2 weeks from your survey completion date. The member must have completed the 16 years at the time of registration.
9. Spidermetrix:
Spidermetrix is an Australian paid survey panel that can pay very good money if you are an Australian specifically. That doesn’t mean others can’t make money through this panel. Their surveys basically ask you to evaluate websites. You can earn spider points for each completed survey and later convert them to cash when asking for payout. Payout method is paypal, but they pay by check also if you are living in Australia.
10. Opinion site:
Opinion site is a quite new name in the paid survey panels list, but they have proven themselves by paying their members on time. For each completed survey you can make average of $2-$5. Minimum payout limit is $10 and payment method is by check.

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11. PollBUzzer:
PollBuzzer is one another trusted name in online paid survey panels list. PollBuzzer pays you $1 for each survey you complete. The amount will be credited to your PollBuzzer account after the survey expires. You can request the payment once in a week.
12. Vindale Research:
VIndale research is again a good survey site to have place in your paid survey panels list. They have many survey offerings for you and surveys may take longer time than what is actually told to you. You may not qualify for all surveys, but you can always come back and participate in those you qualify for.
13: PopulusLIve:
By far we have seen some very good survey panels that really pay well and PopulusLive is an extra addition to that list. Generally their surveys take 15-20 minutes to complete and can pay as much as £1 for every 5 minutes you spend there.Minimum payout limit is £50,so it takes some time for you to request a payout.

I have tried to reveal the secret that how to make money from paid survey panels,but still if you have any doubts or you need any extra information on the topic then please contact me or drop a comment below, I will be very happy to help you.

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