How to make money from affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing:

Now most of the people wonder what do you mean by affiliate marketing and how to make money from affiliate marketing. It is a form of advertising someone else’s products or services on your website,blog or page to get them more and more number of customers and helping them increase their profit. So they will pay you some percentage of amount generated from your referred customers. Everyone wants to increase their sell and in turn profit too, so almost all big brands are opting for this kind of strategy. Here you have a chance to capitalise on this opportunity if you have great amount of traffic to your website/blog or a page on social media. These bigger brands will pay you nice money for your referred sells if you have good quality traffic that converts well.

So how to get started with affiliate marketing and make money?

You just need to follow these steps to get started:
1. Sign up as affiliate with the best brands that pay well. You can refer below brands.
2. Get your advertising links, banners from your affiliate’s area.
3. Place these links and banners on your social media pages, websites or blogs.

And you are done with it. Now you just have to make sure that your pages, websites and blogs get more and more traffic so that you can make nice income from your affiliate marketing links.
Below are the few sites that I would like to refer to you to get started and make money from their affiliate programs.
1.Commision Junction:
Commision junction or CJ is the world leader in affiliate network industry and have very good reputation. Most of the online retailers prefer CJ over other networks for their quality and good track record for the years. Their payouts are on time and never delayed. They pay you by either check or direct deposit. Minimum amount to request payout is $100 for check and $50 for direct deposit. They have different campaigns like CPA, CPS, CPL etc.

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2.Amazon affiliate network:
As we all know Amazon is the world leader in online shopping industry and the brand with almost 100% customer satisfaction, so you can always start your affiliate marketing journey with them. They have variety of good quality products and have big brand name, generating sells from their affiliate program becomes quite simple. They will pay you some percentage of products selling price that have been sold through your affiliate link. You can make nice money from this affiliate program if you have audience that believes in online shopping.

3. ebay partner network:
ebay is another well known brand in the online shopping industry that pays good money to its affiliate partners. You can sign up with them for free and start publishing their products on your blog or website and make money through it. Minimum payout amount is $25 and payment method is paypal for ebay network.

CickBank is another giant in affiliate marking industry that have variety of digital products to promote.
They especially deal with digital products and have very huge variety in them. Digital products have very big margin of profit and thus you can make very good money by promoting their products online. Minimum payout amount is $10 and payment modes are check, direct deposit, wire transfer. They also have referral program from which you can make money by referring others to join the clickbank.

ShareASale is one of the oldest hunk in the affiliate marketing industry with very good track record. This is one of the stable affiliate networks that we have seen through years and hence referring it to you.

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The name itself suggests that it is specially meant for affiliate marketing. Their email campaigns are very good and you can always make some serious money by signing up with them.

6.Rakuten Affiliate network:
Rakuten is again a major network in affiliate marketing and you can make nice money from this affiliate program. It also offers programs like CPA, CPS, CPL . They pay you through check, direct deposit or paypal. Minimum payout amount is $50 for all modes of payment. They don’t have any referral program for themselves.

7. Affiliate Window:
Affiliate window is the Europe based network that has some very best publishers. They have real time report tracking system that some other networks don’t . They pay you twice a month and have very low minimum payout requirement($20). Mode of payment transfer are check, direct deposit, wire transfer. One very good thing about affiliate window is that they have referral program for themselves too. So you can earn money by referring others to join the affiliate window.

Another Europe based affiliate network with a good reputation. They offer different programs like CPA, CPS, CPL, CPC. Minimum payout amount is €25 and payment modes are check, direct deposit and wire transfer.


  • Adir

    July 30, 2016

    This seems good but what are the guaranteed that you will get paid…

    • sandy33

      August 4, 2016

      Thanks you for your response.As long as you are not involved any fraud activity and work according to their their terms and conditions you always will get paid.We have tried to shortlist the best and most reliable affiliate programs and listed out here so that none of our readers experience any fraud,however if you find any such program that is not real,honest and listed here please report us so that we can remove that program.
      Thank you again for you comment and keep visiting and asking questions.


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