Highest paying affiliate niches:

In previous post we have seen that affiliate marketing can be a plus when thinking about making money online. This is one of the high paying sector where you can earn respectable amount of money if you do it seriously. But most of the people don’t know about which niches pay well, have a good market and also has good conversion rate. So some of them might end up choosing the ones that have very low commission rates and also low conversion rate, thus making very less money.
So, to make your journey less painful and smooth I have shortlisted and summarised some of the high paying affiliate niches below:
1. Banking and Finance:
We all know that banks has become very important part of our daily life as today’s world is money driven. They have various products to offer like personal loans, credit cards, trading accounts etc. That’s why banking and finance is one of the highest paying affiliate niche. They always look for potential customers and are ready to pay very high commissions to their affiliates.
2. Healthcare:
Healthcare is the second highest paying affiliate niche. We have seen that competition in today’s world has gone to the peak and everyone wants to top in his industry and this applies to healthcare sector too.
You can observe a better conversion rate in this sector as people have become very careful about their health these days. Also commissions in this sector are very high.

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3. ecommerce:
You might have observed that every store or shop is going online. They all want to sell their products in the world’s biggest marketplace i.e. Internet. These all shops will need their own website with ecommerce facility, but most of them don’t know anything about coding and setting it up.
To make these things simple, many organisations offer tools and software’s. Using these tools one can easily set-up his eCommerce site easily. You have to market these tools to people who want to setup their business online can make some good commission.
4. Make money online:
There is a huge population who is always searching for tips and techniques to make money online. They want to know all those tips and some of the webmasters are there who sell these tips through handbooks or webinars.
You can market these handbooks, webinars or ask people to sign-up to respective sites by paying some charge or fees so that you will earn your commissions.
5. Education:
Education is one of the very competitive and ever growing sector in the world. When there is a competition, there comes marketing. Educational organisations offer various courses that you have to market and bring them students to get your commissions. These organisations offer both online and offline courses so has a huge potential to attract people from wide geographical area. The conversion rate is also very good as education is the basic need of people.
6. Software:
Computers and their software’s have become the very basic need of an individual life these days. Thus, they have very huge potential market. As the production cost for the digital products is not very high, they will pay you very good commission rates whenever you bring them a new customer.
7. Dating:
This is again a very good sector that pays really well commissions and has a great conversion rate. Use of social media has increased marginally so as the use of dating sites. You can see very attractive and creative marketing campaigns here that will tempt people to go for the service and hence improves your conversion rate.

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8. Insurance:
Another growing industry with very huge potential to top the market. Most of the people from rural area are not insured yet, so this industry has a good potential to grow. You can make handsome money from this niche if you do it correctly and seriously.
9. Web Hosting:
This is my personal favorite category. You can earn up to $100 from a single sell. As we have seen every business is going digital, going online, web hosting sector has a great opportunity to grow. Marketing campaigns are also very attractive that can improve your conversion rate.

So just now you saw some of the highest paying affiliate niches that you can join to make money online. You can join more than one program, but make sure you do not go for many that you could not handle even single one with required efforts and potential.

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