High paying web hosting affiliate programs

Another very high paying affiliate program is web hosting affiliate program. Here you refer your friends or site visitors to sign-up with the web host networks for different web hosting plans and those web hosting networks will pay you the commissions.
In today’s era almost everything is going digital and hence everyone wants to have his own place on the world wide web. This creates a huge opportunity for webmasters like you to make good money from this affiliate program.
Every web host has special kind of packages and features that attracts customers. You just need to sign up with one of the web hosts that suites to your traffic and tactics well. You can sign up with more than one too, but as a starter I will recommend you to start with one first and setup the account well to smoothen up the process.
So, here is the list of some high paying web hosting affiliate programs:
1. Arviex:
One of the top web hosting provider company in the industry and topper in paying commissions too. Arviex continued to be the most favourite of webmasters and internet entrepreneurs both for their excellent customer support and high paying affiliate commissions.
With Arviex you can make $70-$135 for each sale you make. The payout depends on how many sells you bring to the company. More your sells, more the affiliate commissions.
1-6 sales/month : $70
7-12 sales/month: $90
13-19 sales/month: $115
19+ sales/month : $135
Minimum payout is $70 and payments are made by 20th of the month via paypal and other methods.

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2. iPage:
The web host with more than 1,000,000 customers worldwide and that shows how much popular they are in the industry. Their affiliate program is also a best in industry program with which you can make up to $150 for each sale.
Following are the commissions you can make with their different plans:
Shared hosting: $105
VPS hosting : $105
WP essentials hosting: $120
Dedicated hosting : $150
3. Hostgator:
One of the industries oldest hunk and still the favourite of many. Their attractive packages and promotional tools will surely increase your conversion rate and hence your earnings.
You can make up to $125 for each sale you generate. Again the payout depends on number of sales you generate per month.
1-5 : $50
6-10 : $75
11-20 : $100
21+ : $125
You can actually schedule your own payments and they by various methods including bank wire.
4. GoDaddy:
Another well known web hosting provider and domain name registrar. Here people can purchase domain names and web hosting plans both, that’s why many people go with GoDaddy.
On GoDaddy, you will not be paid any fix amount for your sales, rather they will pay upto 40% of commissions for any sale you generate.
Payment methods are by direct deposit or check.

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5. Inmotion hosting:
Here with inmotion hosting you can make upto $150 per sale and earn other bonuses as well. Inmotion hosting is one of the most trusted brand in web hosting industry and their conversion rates are also high. Following are the commission rates and bonuses:
1 sale/moth: $50
2 sales/month: $100
3 sales/month: $150
4 Place their banner on homepage of your site above fold and make $10
5 Provide them your IM info.$5
6 Place their link on multiple sites $5
7 Like, follow them on twitter,facebook and G+ $5
6. BlueHost:
WordPress recommended web hosting provider and one of the best paying affiliate program owner.
With bluehost you can make upto $65 per referral that sign-ups with bluehost.
Their world class customer support is the plus that makes your journey smooth with the affiliate program.
7. FatCow:
With their amazing affiliate program you can make upto $15o per sale. Their payouts are very quick and allows various payment methods. Great conversion rates help you to maximise your earnings. Your payout depends on the kind of plan your referred customers takes.
1.$9 Cheap sheep plan : $25
2.shared hosting : $100
3. VPS hosting : $100
4. Dedicated hosting : $150

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8. eHost:
eHost affiliate program pays you upto $110 for each sale. eHost is again a very good and reliable hosting provider company that serves customers from worldwide. Their attractive packages and banners, promotional tools will help you to increase your conversion rate and hence the payments.
If you are able to provide them with more than 10 sales a month, then you can directly contact them for higher payouts.
9. justhost:
Another great web hosting provider with a great affiliate program. Their tracking tool never misses your commissions and they pay well on time.
With their affiliate program you can make up to $60 per sale you generate.

So, this is our list of high paying web hosting affiliate programs. You can actually make good money with these affiliate programs if you plan well and choose the right ones to go with.
With web hosting affiliate programs you can actually make up to $700-$800 per month if you sincerely execute the plans.
Please comment below if you have liked the article or have some suggestions. Also, if you have any queries get back to me as well in comments section or via mail.


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