Choosing a best web host for your website

If you are planning to build your own website for making money online, then you have to be very careful about your websites design, its content, the niche and most importantly choosing a web host for your website. Yes your web host plays a very important role in your websites success. You want to know how? Then follow the article.
Any webmaster who dreams of building his own website, always wants to see his website on top. As we know major search engines like google, yahoo, bing have their own criteria to rank the pages in search results. Though they have different algorithms, there are also few common things that they take into account and plays very crucial role in your websites rankings. Let’s see what are those and how they impact your ranking.
1. Sites uptime:
This determines for how much time your site was up and running and for how much time it was down due to server issues or maintenance. If your web host assures you to have maximum uptime and provides the better quality servers, then your site can rank well. Sites those have better uptime rank well than that of those having low uptime. So go with the one who has better uptime.
2. Server location:
This can be crucial when developing geo-specific websites. Search engines may rank pages differently in different geographical locations if your site has geo-specific content. So the server location is very important in this context.
3. Page load time:
The amount of time your site takes to display a page when requested is most important factor because people today will prefer those who take less time to load. So, your server must provide you with the faster response times.
4. SSL Certificate:
This determines your sites authenticity and binds organizational identity, location, domain name, server name and hostname together. The sites that have SSL certificate rank well than others. So, go with the web host who provides you with the facility of SSL certificate at low cost.

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So when choosing a web host for your website, look for the above parameters and go with the one who provides you better quality in each of the category.

Best web hosts for your website

1. Arviex:
This is my personal favorite and I am currently using Arviex for my website. They are offering web hosting services since 2003 and are purely operate in web hosting domain only. Their customer support is very excellent and they offer amazing discounts on their packages time to time. Following are few things that grabs your attention:
• Unlimited disk space
• Unlimited data transfer
• Unlimited Email accounts
• Free domain
• Free Site builder
• Easy control panel
• 60 Days money back guarantee
• 99.9% uptime
So with all these features Arviex tops in our list and they desrve to be on top, because I have personally felt that difference.
2. iPage:
iPage is again a very good web hosting provider that makes to my top list. Following are the few features that make it better than others:
• Free domain for 1 year.
• $500 advertising credits.*
• Very good customer support.
• Unlimited disk space and email addresses
• Free site builder tools
• 30 day money back guarantee
• Pricing starts as low as $1.99/mo*
Apart from all these features they have many more for you. Just visit their site for complete list of features in detail.
3. Inmotion :
Inmotion is one of the oldest and best web hosting company that has been offering these services for more than 13 years now. They have been rated A+ by BBB and top rated by CNET. So these all awards and rankings show how good they are. I would like to highlight some of their features below:
• Free Cpanel for easy server management
• Free domain name
• One click installer for most popular apps
• Pre-installed
4. Hostgator:
Hostgator is again a most experienced player in this industry. They started in 2002 and since then are one of the best hosts In the industry. Hostgator offers you following features:
• Unlimited disk space
• Unlimited transfer
• Unlimited Emails
• Hosting starting at just $4.0/mo*
They also provide you with free SSL certificate and dedicated IP when you purchase business plan.

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5. JustHost:
As the name indicates, they are purely in business of web hosting and are outstanding in it. JustHost offers following features to their customers:
• Free domain name registration
• Host unlimited domains
• 30-days money back guarantee
• Free site builders
• 1-click install
• $200 advertising credit*
• MOJO marketplace
• Control panel powered by cPanel
6. GoDaddy:
GoDaddy was founded in 1997 and still is one of the best hosts. They are the most experienced in this industry than anyone else and they have award winning customer support that is always with you to help you set up your site.
• 99.9% uptime guarantee.
• One click install for , drupal, joomala
• Unlimited bandwidth
• Free domain name
• Unlimited storage
• Unlimited websites

Following features of eHost makes them one of the best choice for web hosting.
• Free domain name
• Free Email accounts
• Free marketing tools
• Drag and drop site builder
• Unlimited domains
• Free ad credits worth $200
• 45-days money back guarantee.

Just now I have given you insight on some of the best web hosting provider’s available in the industry. Now it’s your choice, whom you want to go with. You can visit their official sites and view all the available features, offers and decide on our websites need which one suites your site better.

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