Build your own website

Internet has turned out into a biggest market in today’s era for all type of businesses. So no wonder all entrepreneurs want to capture this market and go global.
To make your unique presence on the internet, one must have his own website. A unique address where all his customers or followers will get to see what he has for them to offer. But building your own website that will make impression on customers is not an easy task. You should consider following points when you want to build your own website:
1. Design of your site:
You might have heard that phrase-“First impression is the last impression”. Here your websites design will make first impression on users. So the design of the website must be good enough to please the eyes of visitors.
One should not make it either very complex with lots of things clubbed into a single page and lots of graphic elements or a very simple page with no graphics at all and only few content.
You should find a better blend of both these things to make it look simple yet pleasing.
If you include so much of graphics into your web page, the load time for your page will be more and that’s not going to help you in SEO.So build your own website with the lightweight graphics that will improve your websites look and also will not hamper your SEO ranking.
2. Content of your page:
The most important thing when it comes to your site is the content. This is the meat of your site. What exactly you have for you users in it matters the most. Users will come to your site to get some valuable information and if they didn’t get that, they will not come back to your site for sure.
So you must think about your content. It should be rich and informative. It should have complete and detailed information about the topic `that you are going to present.

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You might have heard about the concept of PLAGIARISM. Plagiarism is the act of copying someone else’s content and displaying it as your own. If you caught copying content like this, a strict action will be taken against you. Content published on web is always protected by copyright acts. So don’t ever try to just copy and paste the content.
Also if google finds that your content is not unique and it is plagiarized then they will black list your site permanently. This means that you will never appear on googles search results. AS we know google is the worlds largest and most used search engine, if you get blacklisted on it, it’s a very huge loss for you.
To avoid this kind of actions, always publish the content that is unique and you own that. This will also help you for better SEO rankings.
3. Internal Linking Structure:
Navigation plays very important role whenever you roam around in search of something. If the navigation is simple enough to understand quickly and gets you to the destination where you want to go, you will definitely love to visit the place again and again.
Same concept applies here too. If the navigation across you web site is simple enough and takes your users to their destination, they will surely visit you site again.
So try to keep it simple and don’t add any links that are broken or lead to any fake promises or pages.
Add links to your internal pages so that you can keep your visitors engaged throughout their journey. This will help you to increase your hits and improve your SEO rankings.

I have listed three of the most important points one should keep in mind when building their own website to build their presence online. If you concentrate on above mentioned points, you will definitely end up with a quality website that can fetch many hits a day and attract a wide variety of audience.

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