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If you are thinking of building your own website, then you must have some technical knowledge of computer web languages as HTML,CSS, Jquery, angular js to make your website look pretty. Design part of the website is most important part because it has the power of keeping people engaged in you site.
But what if I didn’t come from computer background and don’t know any of the above mentioned languages? Can’t I have my own website? Is there any way out for this problem?
Surely there is an answer for every question, and so for this question too. And answer to all the above questions is also yes. You can build your own website even if you don’t have much knowledge about the computer languages.

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Thanks to the tool called website builder that lets you design your website as you want without going in the depth of the technicalities of the computer languages. They allow you to build your own website by just dragging and dropping the components that you want to appear on you website.
Just you need to be careful while choosing the best website builder for your website, because there are many in the market available today and all claim to be the best. But not all are same and of top quality. It depends on your sites niche and your design preferences to which website builder to go with. We will try to make your life a bit hassle free by listing out some of the best website builders available.

1. WIX:
Whichever kind of a website you have, they provide the templates for all. It includes Business, online store, photography, music, hotel, event and many more. You can design it here with so much of ease.
They are purely a drag and drop website builder. You just need to select which templates you need and just drag them to your web pages and you are done.
They provide you with mobile optimized domains, image collection, secure hosting, SEO support and its all free. Yes its all free.
Wix is the number one free website builder in the industry. This is why they top in our list and their customer support is also an excellent one. We recommend WIX for all, didn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert in this field, they have something for everyone.

2. Weebly:
The website builder that is trusted by more than 30 million people and one of the best in industry. Build your website with easy drag and drop facility. No computer coding is required.
Best thing about Weebly is that they have their android and apple app by using which you can design your site from your mobile phone too.
Additional features that they provide include app center, domain+mail, blogging, hosting, customization with html, css and live support for all you queries.
Ones who are looking to start their own e-commerce website, must try weebly, because they are specialist in e-commerce sites and have everything that you need to start.

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3. Squarespace:
Yet another website builder that has made its mark in the industry. Its simple and fun building your website with squarespace.
The one thing that you may not like about them is that they are not free. But they are worth paying the fees because with squarespace you have full freedom to build your website the way you want.
Whether you need simple pages, an online store, site with fully loaded graphics or a professional blog, they have templates available for all.
With over 1 million paid customers, they are the leading ones in the industry. The additional thing you get with squarespace is real time analytics of traffic that comes to your site. This will help you to identify areas that you should improve to increase your traffic and for better SEO. Sites created with Squarespace are better optimized for search engines and are also mobile optimized too.
With award winning customer support they are the most loved and trusted website builder company.

So this is the list of top three website builders available in the market according to us. There are many available with similar features you can go with. But choose the one which better suites your needs and provides you with the support whenever you need them.
All the best from us for your brand new site and keep coming and visiting our site for more information on topics related to online market. If you have any queries, please do contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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