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You might have heard about dating sites that are available on the internet, from where you can find your match. There you will find fees been charged for the services available. You might be thinking why am I telling you about this when our main aim is to make money not to spend money here.
Here also I am telling you about these dating sites because they have the greatest potential for webmasters like you and me to make some handsome cash. You can find one of the highest affiliate commissions in this industry. One can make upto $100 for single sale or upto $10 for a single free sign-up. As most of the today’s generation is tech savvy, most of them go for finding their partners on sites like these and here you can grab the opportunity to make money through these dating affiliate programs.
As compared to other industries, dating industry pays you higher affiliate commissions. So one should must try this option.
Following are the few most trusted and best in industry dating affiliate programs you can start of with:

One of the most trusted and high paying affiliate program in the industry. They offer variety of models to go with and you can choose any of them that suites your traffic well.
1. PPA/CPA(Pay Per Sign-up or Action) :
Here you will be paid for each sign-up that have been made through your affiliate link and by using credit card. The best part of this is that you will get paid for free sign-ups as well as trial sign-ups too. The commission you can make is upto $100 for each sign-up.
2. PPL(Pay per Lead):
Here you will be paid fixed commission for each lead i.e. for every visitor that comes to the site using your affiliate link. Even if he didn’t make any purchase on the site, you still will be paid for that.
You can make upti $10 for each lead you generate.

3. Revenue share:
Here you will be paid the percentage of amount that is generated through your affiliate links. You will be paid for new sign-ups as well as when your referred customer renews the service.
You can get upto 70% of the share generated through your affiliate links.
4. Referral Program:
If you refer your friends and they join the network as affiliates, you will be paid 5% of their earnings as commissions.

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2. QpidAffiliate Network:
Again a giant in the dating industry that never misses out on payments and has the world class promotion tools that let you attract customers easily.
They also have various programs from which you can choose one that fits to your traffic.
1. PPA:
You will be paid for every member that sign-ups as the paid member. Commission that you make is huge. You can make upto $300 for each paid member you refer.
2. PPL:
You will be paid upto $9 for every visitor that comes from your affiliate link and falls in from the targeted countries. They accept traffic from 35 countries, that means better coverage and better earnings.
3. PPS:
For every sale that have been made through your affiliate link, you will be paid upto $399 .
4. Referral Program:
One of the highest referral commission program. You will be paid 12% of the your referred webmasters earnings as the commission and that’s highest In the market.

Here with the commissions you will be getting some extra bonuses too that boosts your earnings.
They offer following programs:
1. Pay per first order:
You can make upto $250 for each referred member who makes purchase on their site for the first time.
2. Pay Per Lead:
Upto $8 you can make for each member that visits the dating site through your link.

3. Pay Per Sale:
You will be paid 25% of the each sale that has been generated through your affiliate link.

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4. TheDatingNetwork:
Under their roof you will find many leading dating sites that convert well. This means you can make more money with your traffic.
You can choose any site and any program that best fits to your blog or site and traffic.
They offer following programs:
1. Pay Per Lead:
You will be paid fix $5 for each lead you generate.
2. Pay Per Sale:
You can make upto $135 for each sale you generate.
3. Revenue Share:
Upto 75% of the revenue will be shared with you for the earnings made through your affiliate links.

So here I have highlighted some of the best in industry dating affiliate programs those pay highest commissions in the industry. You can sign-up with all of them and see which one converts well for your traffic and can continue with the same to maximise your earnings.
So, All the best from me and keep visiting our site to discover new ways of making money online. For any queries you can get in touch with me through mail or you can post you queries in comments, I will be happy to assist you.

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