Best content management systems:

When you think of building your own website, one very important thing you must take into consideration is that which content management system you are going to use for your website. Content management system helps you in creating your online content by providing you very handy features in terms of graphical user interface. With the help of these systems it becomes very easy to add new content or modify the already existing content on your website.
If you choose appropriate CMS for your website, then it can make your life so easy. Nowadays it doesn’t require any coding knowledge to start up with your website. You just need to purchase a hosting package and domain name and just install an appropriate CMS to get started.
No matter if you want to build a complex e-commerce site or just site with image galleries or an advertising campaign, you can build any website with the help of CMS. But most of the newbie’s didn’t know which one to go with. So to make your life even more simpler, here I will be giving an overview of some of the best CMS available on the Internet. So here is the list:

• Drupal.
• Joomla!
• ExpressionEngine.
• TextPattern.
• Radiant CMS.
• Cushy CMS.
• SilverStripe.

World’s most popular and most used content management system. It provides efficient and convenient way for creating and managing your content for both website and blog. Best thing about is that its free and open source, that comes with a huge developer community all over the world which introduces enhancements to the platform every single day. It is bases on PHP and MySql. With you get access to more than 40,000 plug-ins that can add extra functionalities to your site without a much hassle. That’s why is one of the best content management system available in the market today.

Drupal is the next best CMS available in the market and it’s too an open source project. With the latest Drupal 8 version you can build best in class websites using over 200 new features. With more than 2000 themes to choose from it gives you a very wide variety and flexibility in your website design. As Drupal is also an open source project, here too you get a support from big development community. Drupal has now more than 1,00,000 active contributors from worldwide.

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When it comes to the ease of usage and simplicity with the wide range of functionalities available, the name Joomla! appears at the top. Millions of websites are built on Joomla! because of the powerful features of the Joomla! It has over 50 million downloads worldwide and still the count is increasing day by day, that shows the popularity of the Joomla!.
With this content management system, you can build user friendly and mobile ready sites easily in few steps. Some of the best features of Joomla! are:
Multilingual: Joomla is offered in more than 64 languages and that’s why it has a very strong user database.
Extensibility: With Joomla you can use more than 7000 extensions for your site to customize it the way you want it to be.
Content Management: With Joomla’s content management features you can organize and manage your content on the go. With Frontend editing you can edit the content and see the change live there itself.

Another best in class content management system that lets you choose templates from any site and use its source in the ExpressionEngine. They provide you with the wide variety of design tools and you can actually use themes from other platforms here by slight modification.
When it comes to the security, they are very serious about it and your website is highly secure with them. ExpressionEngine comes with a very high flexibility that lets you design website in any category such as music, sports, photography, magazine, video, games, blogging and many more.

Most impressive feature of TextPattern is that, you can import content from other content management systems into it. TextEngine allows you to install plug-ins from browser window directly and provides you with very high design flexibility. With very simple user interface, it’s really very easy to add and modify content in TextPattern.

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