Best ad networks in the industry

Want to get advertisers for your website or blog? Then here is the list of some high paying ad networks available online.

1.Google Ad sense:

When you say best in the industry it goes to none other than google Ad sense. Google has its own Ad network that is the world leader in the  ad network industry  and has publishers from every part of the world. They have some really good brands that pay you very good CPM and variety of ad types that you can display on your site. As the Internet giant is there for more than 15 years and is the most reputed brand you always can prefer to go with them.

But there is one problem. You need to have really good web design, good quality unique content and fare and organic traffic. Need to know the guidelines on how to build a quality website that improves your chance of getting approved by best ad networks?
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They will not allow the sites that have duplicated content or traffic sources that are not legitimate. When you apply for Ad sense they will first take a look at your site, observe it and see whether it obeys their rules and regulations and then accept or reject your request.

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You didn’t need to worry if you are honest to your business and have creative mind that can generate unique and quality content. Once you go through their process and they accept your request your half the job is done. Why I said half the job is done because google provides you with excellent features that make your life easy and lets you to concentrate on your website rather than managing the ad account.

Features of Ad sense:

  1. More number of advertisers:

Yes, they have more number of advertisers than any other ad network. So it gives you chance to choose from these ads that suites your niche well and can convert well.

  1. High quality ads:

Ads are very high in quality and have ad types like text, displays, rich media and more. You can choose the type that suites your web design well.

  1. You can actually choose yourself that which ads you don’t want to show up in your website, where they should appear and even change look of text ads to blend them into your site.
  2. They have something called responsive ad units. Meaning that these ad units will adapt to various screen sizes automatically and will create a great user experience in mobile or tablet too.
  3. Real time reports:

You can see statistics of your website performance in reports that are very user friendly and easy to understand. Also they will provide with different experiments to increase your traffic and make more money.


By seeing all these features one can surely say that Ad sense is the best ad network in the online world.


2.Adsterra Network:

Unfortunately some of the websites didn’t qualify for Ad sense, but this doesn’t mean that you can not make money from your website. There are also alternatives available for Ad sense and Ads terra is one of them. They allow publishers from all the niches and gives you assurance that you will make money with their ads. They have different ad formats available: Pushup, interstitial, display banners, popunders, sliders, and direct links. They offer advertising models like CPM, CPC, CPA.

But the catch with Adsterra is that they will accept only those websites that have minimum 3,000,00 traffic per month.


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AdBlade is again a pretty good ad network that has advertisers from all over the world and is popular one. They also offer two modes of advertising: CPM based and CPC based.

AdBlade will also accept the only sites that have more than 5,000,00 traffic per month.


We have seen some networks that impose restriction on minimum traffic that beginners can never get in their early stage. So for the publishers like them BidVertiser is the perfect choice. They didn’t impose any restriction on minimum traffic and anyone can apply for them.

One more interesting feature that they have is, you will  be get paid for ads clicked and for the generated sell too. So if a visitor clicks ad on you website, you will get paid and going further if he buys that product you make commission for that sell too.


Clicksor is again a good ad network for beginners to start with. They also don’t impose any restriction on minimum traffic. Clicksor has ad types like in-text ads, rich media and interstitials. Models that they offer are: CPM, CPC, CPI, CPV

6.Media Nexus:

Media Nexus is a ad network that has many world leader brands as their advertisers. Hence the ads are very high in quality and can pay better than others. Models they offer are: CPM, CPV, CPC.

Media Nexus also has restriction on minimum traffic and a website that wants to work with Media Nexus must have more than 5,000,000 impressions per month.

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As the name suggests BlogAds is especially meant for blogs. They offer various kind of ad formats to choose from and customize the ads according to your blog design. The modes they offer are CPA, CPC. Setting up your account with Blogads is pretty easy and you can manage your multiple sites from a single account.

Still there are many ad networks available over the internet, but these are the few best ad networks in the industry you must try. Don’t get disappointed if did not qualify for one or other ad network. Just work on your site to make it better and keep applying to other networks available. If you need any help at any time you can contact me, I would always like to help you.

So, all the best and get going well…!

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