7 Ways to make money online

You can see huge number websites and blogs over the internet saying that you can make money online in quick time with very less effort and they will tell you easy ways to make money online. But they didn’t tell you how exactly it works and the detail procedure to follow to become successful in this business. See there is no work which requires no or less effort; in fact we can say that there are two ways to do it: one is hard work and other is smart work. Systems that are available over the internet for making money falls into the later part. They require some serious smart work. As I said earlier most of the portals just ask you to sign up for their mailing list or try to sell you some of their products saying that these materials have all the tips and tricks to become successful in this online money business.

I personally have gone through all these things and found out 7 ways to make money online. I came to know that it’s not as simple as what we have thought of and requires a lot of attention and some serious work. Though I said serious work, it is not that serious. You didn’t need to work for 8-10 hours a day or all the days throughout the week. What you need to do is just give few hours a day in your spare time and work with full dedication in this time.

I know it’s pretty confusing for beginners to choose what options they should go with and how to start off with it. That’s why I started this website especially for beginners to share my experience and make them stand good in the business of making money online. Now I will tell you 7 ways to make money online in short words and you can always go into the details of each one by referring to our specialized articles for each topic. So here we go:

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1. Paid survey panels:
The most popular way to make money online is through paid survey panels. Now the first few questions that might come to your mind is what do you mean by paid survey panels? how they work? Why they will pay me?
So the answer to your question is-you can get paid for sharing your opinions, thoughts on particular research studies. You didn’t need to have an extra knowledge or any other skill to qualify for this. You just need to share your opinion on particular things or products. Paid surveys is by far the most popular way of making money online and its very simple and straightforward process that one can follow without the need of any extra knowledge. So it top’s on our list. By signing up to multiple survey sites you can make $200-$300 a month easily.

What all things you need to do for this?
Just go through our detailed guide to know more about the best paying survey sites.Sign up with them and start making money.

2. Affiliates:
Today’s word is digital and in this world everything is going digital. So as businesses of buying and selling too. There are many companies who sell their products and services online and would like to increase their sell. So these companies pay you for your referrals who go and visit their site and buy something. You will be getting some percentage of the total revenue generated from your referrals. This is also a very popular way of making some good money online. To know more on which companies pay good and quick affiliate commissions and how to start refer our guide here.

3. PTC sites:
PTC the short form for paid to click is the easiest way to earn some good money online. As the name suggests these sites pay you for viewing and clicking the ad’s that they show up to you every day.
Though you can’t make very huge money with these sites, but by investing your 5-10 minutes a day you can surely make $20-$30 a month. No extra qualification and no hard work required. Just sign up and click ads, complete tasks and get paid. You can sign up for more than 10 best PTC sites that pay good money .For more details just go through our detailed guide.

Make money with best ad networks

4. Ad sense and other ad networks:
If you have interest in blogging and have some seriously good writing skills then you can start your own website. Know more about how to start your free or self hosted website/blog.This is the most steady and consistent way of making money online. You can start your own website and place the ad’s given by Ad sense or any other ad network you have signed up for on your website. Depending on your total site visitors these ad networks will pay you. The rates vary for each network and have as high payout ad $3 per 1000 visitors if your site have good quality traffic.
So if you think you can write and attract people towards you, then give it a shot. Start your own website and get paid for doing nothing other than making your site better and better. Know more on how to make $100’s from your website

5. Your own Android App:
Did you know that you can earn some good money from your android app too? Yes, you can make some serious money from your own android app too. If you have interest in coding and have some very good creative ideas that can engage people in your app, then you can definitely make money online. You just need to develop an app that can attract a big community and people will love to invest time in and you are done with your part. Now you can display some ad’s in your app or sell paid versions of your app to get paid. Want to know how android app developers make $1000 from their app, then just have a look at our Android guide.

Make money with best ad networks

6. Email Reading:
Yes! you heard it right. You can get paid for just reading your emails. What you need to do is sign up with these sites and start getting mails on daily basis. Now just open your mail every day, view the content in the mail, click on ad’s in the mail and you can do it on your own time. You have made some extra money by just giving your 5-10 minutes. Continue Reading….

7. Freelancing:
Freelancing can get you some good money online if you have some specific skills. There are many freelancing jobs available and each one requires specific skill set. Freelancing lets you to work from anywhere and on any time you prefer and for any client sitting in any part of the world. Some of the examples of freelance jobs are-designing graphics for website, managing social media account or page, proofreading, data entry and many more. Some of them pay on hourly basis while others depending on amount of work done.These are the few sites that have some good freelancing jobs available for you to make good money online. You can earn $300-$500 a month which is very good money by working just few hours day. Know more…

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